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Safety Committee Co-Chairs & Contact Information: 

Tom Smith

Massachusetts Hockey Safety Chair

Phone: (781) 254-6811

Nicole Siglin

Massachusetts Hockey Player Safety Coordinator

Massachusetts Hockey Concussion Cards:

These wallet sized cards have been given to the associate registrars and board of directors in Massachusetts. Coaches should be receiving these cards in the through out this fall. If you would like a concussion card and haven't received them, please email us.

USA Hockey: Safety Education

USA Hockey: Flu, Locker Room, Ice Safety, Neck Guard & Zero Tolerance information

The medical waiver process allows for individuals with certain qualifying medical conditions the opportunity to experience ice hockey in a safe environment.

Allowing players to “play down” is not a trivial matter. Considerations extend beyond the excepted players. There are many other players on the ice who also have a right to the expectation of fairness and safety.

Exceptions can create situations where one participant has an advantage over all other participants, creating an inequity that perpetuates unfairness.

Simply being “small for their age” or “not very skilled” are not considered to be adequate reasons for granting a “play down” exception, as such conditions do not rise to the level of a qualifying handicap under the definitions and current court decisions within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Medical waiver requests may be approved after careful review from the Safety Committee (or a medical waiver subcommittee created by the Safety Committee if the following criteria has been met):

• The Primary Care Physician (PCP) for the player must provide written documentation addressing the specific medical condition that requires the player this medical necessity of “Playing down”.

• The Medical waiver form and PCP document must be completed and submitted during the waiver application period of March 1- April 30.

• Completed Release and Waiver Liability form submitted to registrar and kept on file with the team.

• Waivers will not be granted for Tier 1 or Tier 2 (Club or Hometown) teams.

• Waivers will not be granted for participation on Club teams (youth and Girls/Women’s).

• Waivers will be issued for participation on the lowest hometown program offered for the upcoming season Tier V, Tier IV team or III, whichever is the lowest level.

• Waivers are for only one season and must be applied for annually.

Once approved, waived players are ineligible to participate in district playdowns or State Championships Tournaments at any level.

The program of the waived player must have approval by the league and player eligibility for Invitational Tournaments granted only if Tournament Director approves it.