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USA Hockey SafeSport Website

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SafeSport Program - Introduction:

The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Hockey and Mass Hockey. This includes not only on-ice safety, but also off ice safety in all parts of Mass Hockey’s programs and activities. The SafeSport Program is intended to protect all participants, not just players, from any type of misconduct or abuse on and off the ice, and to better educate everyone to prevent and deal with on ice injuries through the Heads Up Don’t Duck Training, concussion training, CPR training, and basic first aid preparedness.

Education is the key component in providing awareness, maximizing safety and responding to concerns.

Who is Required to have SafeSport Training and USA Hockey Screen?

Mass Hockey Board of Directors:  SafeSport Training & Background Check

Member programs including all hometown programs,  club programs, & girls programs, including all board members, hockey directors or other employees of program: SafeSport Training & Background Check

Coaches (18+): SafeSport Training & Background Check

Officials (18+):  SafeSport Training & Background Check

Staff persons or volunteers 18 or older with regular contact and/or authority over minors (eg., team managers, chaperones, locker room monitors, chaperones, drivers, etc: SafeSport Training & Background Check 

Coaches, officials, staff persons or volunteers with a 2005 birth year or earlier: SafeSport Training ONLY

Players with a 2005 birth year or earlier and playing on a team that allows minor athletes: SafeSport Training ONLY



The Safe Sport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for twelve (12) months beginning on 4/1/22.

All local association must have a SafeSport Coordinator who has completed the SafeSport Training Program and who will be responsible for insuring that all members of the program who have contact with minor players also complete the prescribed training materials. This includes board members, administrators, coaches, referees, team managers, locker room monitors, chaperones and drivers.

Local association are required to adopt the following written Policies:

• Locker Room Policy
• Travel Policy
• Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Communications Policy
• Hazing & Bullying Policy
• Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse Policies

We will be providing sample policies that programs and leagues may “customize” as necessary.

The SafeSport Program is designed to create a safe and positive environment for its participants‘ physical, emotional and social development in an environment free from abuse and misconduct. In addition to the identification, minimization, and response values obtained from the training materials, we are also setting a standard in youth sports by making a strong public statement that our organization places a priority on the safety of all our participants.


Christine Mayer

Christine Mayer

2nd Vice President; USAH Director (2024)

Phone: (617) 429-2103