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'Go Pats!': Charlie Coyle Talks Super Bowl

By Jessi Pierce, 02/01/18, 12:00PM EST


Growing up in Weymouth, Massachusetts, Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle has seen his fair share of heartbreak and heroics from Boston's professional sports teams.

Although at just 25 years old, he's been lucky to see more heroics than heartbreaks. 

Take for instance the New England Patriots, who are gunning for a sixth NFL championship title on Sunday in Coyle's professionally adopted home of Minnesota. 

Coyle's been witness to all five titles previously earned by Tom Brady and Co. (2002, 2004, 2005, 2015 and 2017).

"I'm not really surprised [the Patriots are back in it]," said the Minnesota Wild forward. "We've been pretty fortunate to have a team like them growing up because ever since I was in like middle school on, whether it's them or the [Boston Red] Sox, there's always a  [championship] parade. During playoff time we're alway going with the Patriots stuff on to school -- it's Patriots day again -- that's how we grew up.

"We've been pretty lucky."

Coyle, who is in his sixth season with Minnesota, said some of his friends and teammates refer to him as "Gronk" in honor of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski 

"I don't know, it's a weird nickname," Coyle said with a laugh.

So who is his favorite player?

"You can't not like Tom Brady," said Coyle. "Just his story and all that, just what he's accomplished and stuff, he's pretty special."

And Coyle hopes to be seeing Brady add another ring to his finger Super Bowl Sunday in Minneapolis and bring another championship parade back to the Boston streets.

"There’s a sign someone posted on Twitter or something, I think it was last year, and it said ‘I’m 13 years old and this is my 11th (championship) parade,'" he said. “It’s just expected now. … That’s how spoiled we are back home. They’re always so good. But it is pretty cool to have them here while I’m here and can witness it and the festivities and all that.

"I'm going to root for the Pats all day."

Charlie Coyle on NBC Sports - Patriots & Hockey in Minnesota

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