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5 Things to Say to Your Child After a Game...

By Mass Hockey , 11/15/17, 1:30PM EST


And 5 Things to Avoid

Communication between parents and kids can, well, be hard. 

What's the right thing to say? How do I say what I mean?

In hockey, it can be an especially fine line to walk. You want to say something to show support and open up the conversation for your kiddo to let you know how they're feeling. 

To help you walk that tightrope, here are five things to say after a game or practice, and five things to avoid.

Say this….

5. "Who’s up for ice cream?"
Or any type of food really. Everyone needs to refuel after a hardworked practice or game.

4. "You guys sure looked great out there!"
It’s a team sport, remind your child that they not only played well, but the entire group did together.

3. "Hey, that was a great pass you made to Jenny!"
Goals aren’t the only stat. Highlight the passes and other efforts made, too.

2. "I love you."
Because win, lose or tie, that's what matters for your child. 

1. "Did you have fun?" 
It’s the most important question to ask after a game. Afterall, fun is why we should start playing hockey, and is the main reason we keep playing.

Not this…

1. "What happened on that goal you missed?"
Don’t pick apart you son or daughter’s game, and don’t revisit critical errors made.

2. "You guys were better than that team, you should have won."
This comment may seem innocent and supportive, but the error falls on putting the emphasis on winning. Remember, that's not all that matters once the game is over and you leave the rink. 

3. "That call by the official was horrible!"
Set a good example for your child and don’t criticize officials, coaches or other players -- ever.

4. "How come Jake is on the first line? You should be there."
See the above reason.

5. "You need to work on your skating skills."
Don’t be that parent that dogs their child. Know that they are likely out their trying their very best; that should be enough.