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Massachusetts Hockey Set to Induct Four New Hall of Fame Members

By Mass Hockey, 03/07/16, 9:30PM EST


2016 Class has Over 175 Years of Involvement in Hockey

There will be four new members inducted into the 21st Massachusetts Hockey Hall of Fame class. They will be joining a roster of past and current hockey greats recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to the sport of ice hockey in Massachusetts. The ceremony and dinner will be held the evening of Saturday, June 18, 2016, which is the same weekend of the Massachusetts Hockey Annual Meeting. The members being inducted include: Jeremy Jacobs (Builder), David A. Jensen (Player) Stephen Palmacci (Builder) and Jack Parker (Coach).

Jeremy Jacobs has been the owner of the National Hockey League (NHL) Boston Bruins and chairman of Delaware North for more than 40 years. Recently, Jacobs won the 2015 Lester Patrick Award for outstanding service to hockey in the United States. A 2006 inductee into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, he has worked in charitable endeavors and was honored with the St. Jude Award for Inspiration in Sports at the 2013 Global Sports Summit. He has supported causes and sports-related charities tied to the Boston Bruins Foundation including pledging $200,000 to Denna Laing’s recovery after her injury at the 2016 Winter Classic at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. and $100,000 to The One Fund Boston to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and their families.

David A. Jensen is a retired ice hockey player who appeared in 69 NHL regular season games between 1984 and 1987 and competed as a member of Team USA in the 1984 Olympic Games. He was born in Newton, Mass. and raised in Needham, Mass. He was the only 17-year-old player selected in the first round of the 1983 NHL Entry Draft (20th Overall). Since 2012, Jensen has been running DAJ Hockey Skills. Jensen is a member of the Boston Bruins Alumni Team. He is a hockey consultant/associate coach for the Boston Pride of the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL).

Stephen Palmacci has been a pivotal person at Massachusetts Hockey. He has created programs such as the Mike Cheever Grow Hockey program and instituted the American Development Model committee for Massachusetts Hockey. He presently serves as registrar and is a past president of Massachusetts Hockey. Palmacci helped start the District 9 Girls League now known as the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girls League. Steve was a part of Arlington Hockey for over 23 years, holding several positions including president and vice president. In the past, he has served as director and registrar with Massachusetts Hockey District 9.

Jack Parker was on the bench for 40 seasons with Boston University (BU) and led the team to three national championships (1978, 1995, 2009), 21 Beanpot titles and 894 victories. Twenty-three of Parker's players have gone on to become United States Olympians and over 50 of his players played in the NHL. He played at BU for three years, including as captain of the 1967-1968 team. No coach has led his team to the N.C.A.A. tournament as many times as Parker, who did it 24 times at B.U. He has won 11 conference championships, 3 N.C.A.A. titles, seven Hockey East titles and four ECAC titles. He was born and raised in Somerville, Mass. and graduated from Catholic Memorial High School and went on to play center for BU. A two-time NCAA Coach of the Year, Parker has been inducted into the BU Hall of Fame and Beanpot Hall of Fame.

Inductees over the past 50 years have helped position Massachusetts as a leader of hockey in the United States. The list is full of Olympic and Paralympic heroes, college and NHL stars, female pioneers, high school and college coaches, referees and media icons, as well as dedicated, behind-the-scenes grassroots builders who have spent time furthering the development of the game. Inductees are chosen on the basis of accomplishments in the game of hockey, sportsmanship, character and contributions to his or her teams and programs.

Massachusetts Hockey, Inc., is a not-for-profit tax exempt organization which serves as the affiliate association of USA Hockey, Inc., and is the official governing body for the sport of hockey in Massachusetts. As such, its purposes and objectives are to develop, advance and encourage participation in the sport of hockey; to develop and encourage sportsmanship between all players for the betterment of their physical and social well-being; to develop and improve the standards of the sport; and to educate and train players, coaches, referees, managers, administrators and parents.

Jeremy Jacobs

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Stephen Palmacci

Stephen Palmacci

Stephen Palmacci

David A. Jensen

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Jack Parker

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Past Hall of Fame Inductees

First Nickname Last Team Year Inducted
Robert Cleary 1960 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
William Cleary 1960 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
John Kirrane 1960 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Richard Rodenheiser 1960 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Eugene Grazia 1960 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Jack Riley 1960 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Jim Craig 1980 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Mike Eruzione 1980 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Jack O’Callahan 1980 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Dave Silk 1980 Men’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1995
Robert Caldwell 1996
John Cunniff 1997
Tim Taylor 1997
Ed Burns 1998
Debbie Parece 1999
Laurie Baker 1998 Women’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1999
Colleen Coyne 1998 Women’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1999
A.J. Mleczko 1998 Women’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1999
Vicki Movsessian 1998 Women’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1999
Sandra Whyte 1998 Women’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1999
Ben Smith 1998 Women’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1999
Tom Mutch 1998 Women’s Olympic Team (Gold) 1999
Tom McNeeley 2000
Paul McLaughlin 2000
Kevin Ahern 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Robbie Ftorek 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Stu Irving 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Richard McGlynn 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Tom Mellor 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Tim Regan 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Tim Sheehy 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Murray Williamson 1972 Olympic Team (Silver) 2000
Richard Duke Kumpel 2001
Nancy Schieffelin 2001
John Chambers 2001
Rod Langway 2001
Len Ceglarski 2001
Dan Kelleher 2001
Ron DiFilippo 2002
Cindy Curley 2002
Mark Fusco 2002
Scott Fusco 2002
Ed Walsh 2002
John Snooks Kelly 2002
Julie Piacentini 2002
Keith Tkachuk 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Tony Amonte 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Tom Barrasso 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Bill Guerin 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Tom Poti 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Jeremy Roenick 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Scott Young 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Larry Pleau 2002 Men’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Courtney Kennedy 2002 Women’s Olympic Team (Silver) 2002
Joe Howard 2002 Men’s Paralympic Team (Gold) 2002
Kip St. Germaine 2002 Men’s Paralympic Team (Gold) 2002
Ron DeGregorio 2003
John Hart 2003
Joe McConville 2003
Gary Dineen 2003
Kelly Dyer 2003
Paul Stewart 2003
Myles Lane 2003
Jim Logue 2003
John O’Halloran 2004
Burt Herman 2004
Bob Carpenter 2004
Patty Kazmaier 2004
Henry Hughes 2004
Jack Riley 2004
Fred Cusick 2004
Harry Sinden 2005
Albert Ferst 2005
Bill Chase 2005
Ralph Cox 2005
Fred Ahern 2005
Sid Watson 2005
Bill Stewart 2005
Carl Gray 2005
Bob Crocker 2006
Katie King 2006
Bill Riley, Sr. 2006
Bill Riley, Jr. 2006
Bob Corkum 2006
Tom Fitzgerald 2006
Charlie Holt 2006
Henry Mike Cheever 2006
Johnny Bucyk 2007
Garrett Reagan 2007
William Buddy Ferreira 2007
Hilary Witt 2007
Cap Raeder 2007
Robert Wheeler 2007
Robert Barry 2007
Anthony Tony Lucci 2007
Richard Gunn 2007
Ted Donato 2008
Milt Schmidt 2008
Walter Brown 2008
Stephanie O’Sullivan 2008
Joe Red Czarnota 2008
Gerry Bartholomew 2008
Paul Barber 2008
Kevin Collins 2008
Dave Shea 2008
Gordon Blaney 2008
Allen Wright 2008
Bob Sweeney 2009
John Titus 2009
Tina Cardinale 2009
Paul Schwabe 2009
Paul Surette 2009
Peter Doherty 2009
Marty Pierce 2009
Jack Grinold 2009
Bob Wilson 2009
Nate Greenberg 2010
Mike Gilligan 2010
Ned Bunyon 2010
Jim Cooney 2010
John Gustafson 2010
Bob Rogers 2010
Jack Garrity 2010
Lee Johnson 2010
Dave Hynes 2010
Bob McManama 2010
Bill Corkery 2010
Fernie Flaman 2011
Mike O’Connell 2011
Bobby Miller 2011
Jack Falla 2011
Dan Lynch 2011
Phil Re 2011
Gloria Heerman 2011
Barbara Wright 2011
Jeanette Duval 2011
Rick Middleton 2012
Tom Red Martin 2012
Ed Butch Songin 2012
Don Whiston 2012
Karen Kay 2012
Alan Doc Ashare 2012
Joe Ferraro 2012
Mike Tenney 2012
Bill Kipouras 2012
Tom Lynch 2012
Joe Riley 2013
Ken Martin 2013
Jim Prior 2013
Gary Eggleston 2013
Dale Wise 2013
Carol Champagne 2013
Marion Sturdevant 2013
Jack Kelley 2014
Edward Ted Cunniff 2014
George Owen 2014
Ed Barry 2014
Bernie Burke 2014
Bruce Landon 2014