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SafeSport Training

By Chris Mayer, 08/23/13, 5:15PM EDT


SafeSport Training: What is required for 2013 - 2014?

What is required for 2013 - 2014?

Training is required of coaches, officials, volunteers:

1. All local associations/programs/clubs must have a SafeSport Coordinator who has completed SafeSport Training Program and who will be responsible for insuring other members of the association/program/ club take the SafeSport Training as required - and for reporting compliance to the Mass Hockey SafeSport Coordinator. The Coordinator will be required to take the Training every year.

All coaches should take the SafeSport Training Program by November 30, 2013. Any coach who has not taken the training program by November 30, 2014 will not be eligible to coach in any USA Hockey program until they have completed the training as confirmed by USA Hockey. Coaches are required to take the training program every other year.

Officials (referees) who are eighteen (18) years and older must complete the training program by December 31, 2013 or they will not be eligible to officiate in state, district or national championships. Officials are required to take the training every other year. USA Hockey will monitor compliance.

Any member of the association/program/club who has “regular, routine, and frequent access or supervision over minor participants” is required to complete the SafeSport Training program. Training is required every other year.

All persons in a “supervisory position of a USA Hockey member association/program/club are required to complete the SafeSport Training program every other year.

Volunteers who have “less than regular, non routine or infrequent access to minor participants” are strongly encouraged to complete the SafeSport Training Program.

All associations/programs/clubs must adopt and educate their members of the following USA Hockey Policies which set forth some of the boundaries for appropriate and inappropriate conduct:

• SexualAbuse
• PhysicalAbuse
• EmotionalAbuse
• Bullying, Threats and Harassment • Hazing

and the following Policies which are implemented to reduce the risk of potential abuse: • Locker Room Policy (supervision & monitoring, use of phones/cameras, etc)

• Electronic Communication Policy
• Travel Policy

All these policies are in support of USA Hockey and Massachusetts Hockey ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct. 

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