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Host a District Competitive Body Contact and Body Checking Clinic with Mass Hockey

By Massachusetts Hockey, 09/21/23, 1:00PM EDT


Mass Hockey's ADM Committee's Competitive Body Contact and Body Checking clinic is a great opportunity for Mass Hockey affiliate programs to host a clinic during their normal practice schedule. Your program will receive 2 hours of player and coach instructions from Roger Grillo, USA Player Development Manager, and ADM Committee volunteers. In addition, participating programs will earn a gift package, which may include intermediate nets, pucks, cones, etc. (set gift packages will be announced at a later date).

This program will focus on the principles of competitive contact (Youth and girls 12U) and body checking (Youth 14U, 16U, and 18U). Players will learn skills like angling, forechecking, and responding to competitive contact in a safe learning environment. Coaches will learn how to conduct small area games that emphasize proper competitive contact and body checking by rotating through a series of six stations.

Program Requirements: The following requirements are necessary for a successful clinic.

  1. Two (2) hours of regular practice ice: 1-hour competitive contact ages and 1-hour body checking ages
  2. A minimum of 36 players and a maximum of 48 players as well as 2 or more goalies
  3. Coaches must participate 
  4. Each session can accommodate up to 30 coaches, if your organization does not meet this amount, Mass Hockey may invite other district coaches to join in. 
  5. Practice equipment: pucks, cones, bumpers/soft dividers

How to Reserve a Clinic: 

  1. Email Jim Maimone, ADM Committee Chair, Include weekly practice ice session availability.
  2. A time will be coordinated with Roger Grillo and a program representative.

Together we can raise the level of play and contact in a safe environment for all levels of our players.