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Scorekeepers Wanted!

By Mass Hockey, 09/16/21, 12:15PM EDT


Scorekeepers are a vital function in all sporting events. They are the Record-Keeper for that event. A Historian you might say.

It is critical that the Scorekeeper has the knowledge and tools to do their job well. Including but not limited to how to document events that occur during a game properly so that anyone that reads a scoresheet afterwards have a solid understanding of Who did What and When for goals, penalties, penalty shots, timeouts or anything unusual that occurred during that contest.

The Scorekeeper/Timekeeper is the Third Official in the game and the Referees, along with the Coaches, Player, Fans and Leagues rely that the individuals responsible for this part of the game know what their responsibility is before, during and after the game.

Massachusetts Hockey is inviting all scorekeepers to attend a virtual training session to help for this coming 2021-2022 hockey season.

When: Thursday, September 16, 2021 and/or Thursday, September 23, 2021

Time: 8:00 PM EST

Where: Online/Digital/Virtual 

Meeting ID: 846 8669 5490

Who:  Bruce Finethy (District 9 Director & veteran Score/Timekeeper) & John Murray (Referee Coordinator & former Score/Timekeeper for Hockey East)

What will it be about?
They will present on the expected duties and responsibilities of a Scorekeeper/Timekeeper. This discussion will include what duties occur Pre-Game such as obtaining roster labels for scoresheets to confirming rosters including corrections with scratches, numbers and names as needed, to having the coach sign and referees review prior to the drop of the first puck.

We will talk about what is critical required information needed on the sheets of what occurs during the Game, i.e. goals, assists, penalties with times properly listed to noting any unusual activities. To Post-Game activities including obtaining signatures from the coaches and officials to dispersing the document to the appropriate individuals to reporting any unusual activities to their assignor/league representative.

BOTH sessions will be recorded and we will provide the slides and links which will be shared in the sessions. Any questions or concerns ALL season in regards to score/timekeeping can be sent to

We encourage that every team, league and rink who are responsible for hiring the Scorekeeper/Timekeeper have their respective roster of staff attend one of these two Zoom Meetings. 

It is so critical that our Scorekeeper/Timekeepers understand that their work lasts far beyond the end of the game and how important a legible and accurate scoresheet is.

We appreciate your support on this initiative and hope to see you and your staff at these events.

John Murray

Referee Coordinator - Former Scorekeeper/Timekeeper - Discipline Committee Member

Massachusetts Hockey