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By Mass Hockey, 11/12/20, 2:00PM EST


Individuals from out-of-state have a path to play on Massachusetts-based teams.

There has been a lot of confusion and questions asked about the current (and recently updated) guidance from the Commonwealth and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). Today, a 7-state pact was announced effectively prohibiting team travel between the states. In addition, players who reside outside of Massachusetts but are registered and rostered with Massachusetts-based programs/teams now have a path available to participate with their program. We hope to clear up some of the confusion and provide a better understanding of the expectations outlined in the guidance.

Can my Massachusetts-based team play a game or practice at a rink that is not located in Massachusetts?

  • *This guidance answer was modified as of 11/13/20 at 5 p.m.*
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has entered into a 7-state pact that suspended interstate travel of teams amongst those states (Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont). Any Massachusetts-based team wishing to travel outside of Massachusetts may only do so if they comply with the requirements of the state into which they are traveling AND comply with the Massachusetts Covid-19 Travel Order requirements upon their return. To be clear, Massachusetts Hockey does not encourage programs and/or teams to travel into states that are on the restricted travel list, but we are not preventing it.

Can my team play a game in Massachusetts against a team from out of state?

  • No. Any Massachusetts-based team/program OR facility owner that hosts an out-of-state team at a Massachusetts facility risks facility closure or suspension of the program’s/league’s practices and/or games.

Can a player who resides outside of Massachusetts play for a Massachusetts-based team?

  • Any player who resides outside of Massachusetts AND who is registered and rostered with a Massachusetts-based program is subject to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Covid-19 Travel Order that is in place at the time of travel.
    • If the state in which the player resides is ON the Restricted Travel list, the player may only participate with the Massachusetts-based program provided they are compliant with all aspects of the Massachusetts Covid-19 travel order. We strongly encourage and expect any Massachusetts-based program will keep a formal record of all occasions that an out-of-state player participates with said program. This information will be required to be provided upon request of any state authority.
    • If the state in which the player resides is considered a Lower-risk State (per Massachusetts Covid-19 travel order), the player MAY participate with the Massachusetts-based program without restriction.

Can a player who resides in Massachusetts participate with a program that is not based in Massachusetts?

  • The player is subject to the Covid-19 Travel Order in place at the time of travel AND any travel restrictions that are in place in the state that they are traveling to.

What determines if a program/team is Massachusetts-based?

  • If the team registers and rosters players with Massachusetts Hockey OR operates under a Massachusetts business license, they are considered to be a Massachusetts-based program, regardless of where the program may purchase their ice time.

What is my program required to do if we have an out-of-state player participating on a team?

  • Massachusetts-based programs must ensure full compliance with the Travel Order. The program must ensure that every player or coach complies with the travel order and keep detailed records of each occasion that the player enters the state to play with their team. If they do not, then the program risks fines and/or suspension of operation by the state.

My child lives out of state and travels into Massachusetts for school. Are they still subject to the travel order guidance?

  • A student from another state being educated in Massachusetts can participate in school affiliated sports in Massachusetts and is not subject to the travel order but only for school-related athletics. They are not exempt from the travel order to play with a Massachusetts-based hockey program.

How many games can a team play in one day?

  • Teams may play one game per day without any restrictions. Also, teams may play up to two games per day IF:
    • The SAME two teams play each other. In this situation, the games may be spread out (ie: 10am and 3pm) but must be played in the same facility.
    • Two DIFFERENT TEAMS may play each other ONLY in BACK-TO-BACK scenario outlined in the current EEA guidance.

If a player is rostered more than one team, can that player play more than one game in a day?

  • The guidance is silent on this particular topic. We do not encourage players to play multiple games in a day at this time. The ultimate goal is to limit Covid-19 transmission opportunities and players running all over the state certainly does not help achieve that.

What is an approved face covering?

  • *This guidance answer was modified as of 11/13/20 at 5 p.m.*
  • While the Commonwealth appreciates the efforts made by various manufacturers to address the reduction of respiratory spray from players, further review of various products has led to clarified guidance indicating that the “plastic shield” style products do not comply with the CDC guidance for face coverings. As such, both the Bauer Concept 3 Splash Guard and the Tektor 1.0 and 2.0 shields are NOT able to be used in lieu of a face covering. The CCM “Game On” mask has been deemed acceptable and can be used to comply with the face covering requirement.

If a player has a documented medical condition that prevents the wearing of a face covering, how is that handled?

  • Per Massachusetts guidance, facility operators and/or activity organizers are allowed to require official documentation from a medical professional before the player is allowed to participate. Coaches should keep a copy of the documentation and provide it to opposing teams and officials prior to competition.

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Effective August 1, 2020, all visitors and returning residents entering Massachusetts must follow new travel orders. The Commonwealth has made great progress to slow the spread of COVID-19 and gradually re-open the economy, and all visitors have a responsibility to help us keep transmission levels as low as possible.