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Massachusetts Hockey Policy on Rule 404 (b) and 404(c) Game Misconduct Suspensions

By Mass Hockey, 01/09/20, 8:00PM EST


In order to provide clarification to its member Associations, Leagues and Officials on the scope of a game misconduct, Massachusetts Hockey has adopted the following policy interpretation on the scope of USA Hockey Rule 404(b) and 404(c) Game Misconduct Suspensions:

If any Team Official or Player is assessed a game misconduct penalty under USA Hockey Rule 404(b) and/or 404(c), the Team Official or Player may not remain near the bench of their team, nor in any way attempt to direct the play of their team, for the balance of the game in which the game misconduct penalty has been issued.  

For any subsequent game(s) in which a suspension is to be served by the Team Official or Player, provided under Rule 404(b) and/or 404(c), the suspension will commence 45 minutes prior to the start of each game and conclude 30 minutes following the conclusion of each game. The Team Official or Player serving the suspension shall be prohibited from: (a) having any “in-person” interaction, involvement or communication with their team, other Players or Team Officials, electronically or otherwise; (b) being present in the locker room; or (c) being on or near the bench of their team. Any violation of this rule may result in a summary suspension and may subject such Team Official or Player to further disciplinary proceedings.