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October Coaches Newsletter from USAH CIC Paul Moore

By Mass Hockey, 10/03/19, 5:45PM EDT


All the Need to Know Information for Mass. Hockey Coaches!

As we open the month of October, I would like to share with you some news and opportunities for youth hockey coaches in Massachusetts. Please take a moment to look at the items below. Thanks for being a coach in USA Hockey! 

-- Paul Moore, Massachusetts District Coach-in-Chief

Paul Moore

Paul Moore


Phone: (508) 326-8034

Clinics Are Underway

Coaching Clinics have been ongoing since mid-August. They will run until near the end of December.  If you need to move up a level, please visit and click the Coaches tab for available clinics.  In the Coaches section you can also review your credentials, using the “CEP # List” option.  Those who enroll early have the most options.

Level 4 Clinics – One remaining

Speaking of Coaching Clinics, there is only one Level 4 clinic left. It is in Falmouth, October 5 & 6 . We have a great lineup of speakers for each and plenty of room…it is your responsibility to know if you need to move up to Level 4.   Your program registrar can usually advise you on this.

Goaltending Clinics

As this is being written, we are working on Goaltending “Bronze” level clinic for the weekend of October 13.  Check the USA Hockey Coaches Tab, these specialty clinics will be listed with our other Coaching Clinics.  The Bronze clinic will accredit you Level 2 or 3 certification.

Coaching Video Resources

Did you know that, in addition to USA Hockey’s video resources on YouTube, Massachusetts Hockey also has a channel on that platform.   There are great discussions of body checking and athlete sleep requirements which were added recently.   You should consider subscribing to both these channels, to be alerted to new content additions.

Special Events

Don’t forget, Massachusetts is hosting some great events this season.  The Bruins Symposium November 2 at the Warrior Arena. Attendees will attain either their level 2 or 3 certification.  Please visit to sign up. 

Also, Boston University will be hosting the Women’s Frozen Four March 20-21.

The U.S. National and Development Sled Hockey Teams are training at Falmouth Ice Arena October 25th and October 26th. The training sessions including practices and games are open to the public. The games will take place at 4 p.m. on both days.

Finally – Areas of Emphasis for The Season

Are you aware that we are starting to lose more experienced officials, due to the abuse they take?  Whatever else you may think…without our hockey officials, we have no game. Please talk to your parents, and take it easy during your team games. Keep the players focused on playing well, and not distracted by abusive behavior, which really wrecks the game for all concerned. Thanks for your help on this important area of emphasis!  

Take note that USA Hockey's intent with the Declaration of Safety, Fair Play and Respect is to create a culture that eliminates: 1) hits to the head, 2) hits from behind and 3) late hits. There is also language that deals with unsportsmanlike conduct centered around banging on the boards to celebrate a body check. Make sure everyone is aware and informed for this upcoming season because it will affect the way the games are played and called on the ice.

AND…USA Hockey is talking this fall about the five elements of a good practice:   (1) Engaging, Fun, Competitive, (2) Lots of Repetition, (3) Require constant decision making by players, (4) Represents a challenge, stretch out of comfort zone, and (5) looks something like the game (has features that are in common with the game). How do YOUR practices measure up to these?  For a new video of what a good practice looks like, check out the Massachusetts Hockey YouTube Channel.

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