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What Do You Know About Mass. Hockey State Championships?!

By Mass Hockey, 10/03/19, 4:15PM EDT


Find Out More Why Your Team Wants to Participate!

Tournament Chair, District 1 & 10 Registrar and 2019 MH President's Awardee Peter Giuliano.

All About State

Are you ready for States? We caught up with Peter Giuliano, our tournament chair, to learn more about one of our favorite #MassProud events.

Massachusetts Hockey: How did you get involved with Massachusetts Hockey?

Peter Giuliano: I got involved with Mass Hockey at the town level as a parent with a child who had interest in hockey (or at least his dad did). The program needed volunteers at the Learn to Skate, and that then lead me to get certified as a coach and move forward with coaching,

Because, in my opinion, many things at my town program level were broken, or could be better, I got on the Board of Directors as president to help make changes for the betterment of the players and families. I also took on the role of director at the district level, and when the district registrar position became available, it was offered to me and I took that as well—and here I am still today!

The people I credit most with getting me involved with Mass hockey are two of the best hockey families I have: The Queen and Aunty Joan!

MH: Why is hockey important to you?

PG: Youth sports are an important social activity in which children and young adults can make new friends and acquaintances, and become part of an ever-expanding social network with lifelong results. Furthermore, sports can serve to bring families closer together. 

Not to mention there is the aspect of helping the players explore their interests and passions for one of the greatest sports.

And, finally, youth sports are (or should be) just FUN! 

MH: Could you briefly explain the State Championships process?

PG: Teams from each of our 10 districts register to play in the fall playdowns and the winter playdowns, based on program size small, medium, large. Then, each team at appropriate levels play single elimination games until only one team is left.

In November and March, winners from respective intra-district competitions are placed in State Tournaments based on levels (Youth: Midget, Bantam, Peewee, Squirt and Girls: 19U,14U,12U and 10U). We then play a round robin tournament to determine a State Champion. 

MH: What is the main goal of the State Championships?‚Äč

PG: The goal is to provide athletes with the skills and experience necessary to play at the next level.

MH: Why do you think the State Championships are so important?

PG: Winning a State Championship builds confidence, especially when that winning represents a true accomplishment and can evidenced in achievement.

In addition, there’s the skill development aspect provided. Our state tournaments have been the best venue for the top players in the state to hone their skills on the ice 

MH: What is your favorite part about the State Championships?

PG: My favorite part of the State Championships are the spirit de corps, cohesion and team spirit!

MH: The State Championships have been around going back to the 1975. Why do you think they are still around after 45 years?

PG: For the past 45 years, unstructured play has declined, and in the past 10 years has been replaced with a highly structured and competitive sports culture through USA and Massachusetts Hockey development programs, complete with bylaws and guides outlining the purpose and rules of youth hockey tournaments that has created consistency!

MH: What is the one thing you believe players, parents and coaches need to know about the State Championships process?

PG: That the Massachusetts Hockey State Championships are an elite playoff series that were created to provide a platform for (non all-star) youth hockey teams to compete at a high level in a well-organized and professional manner.

MH: What do you think is the biggest myth about the State Championships?

PG: That only the biggest programs ever win the tournaments.

MH: Why did the State Championships increase from 28 tournaments to 49 tournaments a few years ago?

PG: Growth in youth hockey, and for players of all ages, gender and skill level to participate at their highest level.                                  

MH: If teams are interested in participating in the State Tournament, how would you tell them to get involved?

PG: Get on the Massachusetts Hockey website to learn more about the process, speak with your hometown program board of directors and state tournament committee.

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